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Find The Children is a non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery of missing children and the prevention of child abduction. Find The Children assists families of missing children by working with local and federal law enforcement, advising them on the appropriate legal documents, and connecting them with other non-profit organizations or community resources that may help them in their search for their children. FTC educates parents and children on stranger and online safety, and works closely and in conjunction with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Find The Children has bilingual staff available to work with Spanish speaking families. Since 1983, Find The Children has assisted thousands of families by distributing flyers with missing children’s pictures on them through our volunteer flyer distribution program. One out of seven missing children is found through someone seeing their photo and reporting it to law enforcement.

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About Find the Children

Find the Children is a nonprofit, missing children’s organization, founded in 1983, by the late television producer, Linda Otto. Linda started Find the Children to promote communication between local and federal law enforcement, the media, and the parents of abducted children. Linda produced the film, “Adam,” which aired on television in 1983. The movie depicted the story about the kidnapping and murder of her friend John Walsh’s son [Adam]. At the end of the movie, a photo roll call of missing children played on the screen. As a result, several of the children were found. It was the first time media was used to find missing children.

Find The Children works closely with the Child Abduction Task Force, a multi-agency team sponsored by the Inter-Agency Council for Child Abuse and Neglect (ICAN). The goal of the Task Force is to reduce trauma to children and their families who are victims of abduction by providing an effective, coordinated multi-agency response to child recovery and reunification.

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Find the Children
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